Mindfulness based Yoga and somatic movement

for women’s health and perinatal wellbeing

I am a yoga teacher, yoga movement therapist and psychotherapeutic counsellor working in an integrative, relational and embodied way.

My approach celebrates the womb cycles and phases that women pass through in their life as opportunities for self discovery and compassion.

 I have 14 years of experience teaching, facilitating and supporting women in their personal health and perinatal wellbeing. This includes:

Menstrual & menopause balance

  Pregnancy, birth and postnatal health

Infant development & parent-infant attachment.

Support and recovery for womb related loss.

“Women also have their own cycles and seasons: doing and solitude, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estes.