Perinatal Mental Health
Counselling & Therapy, Cardiff


Pregnancy is not always an easy time, there can be anxiety, apprehension or painful memories from a previous traumatic experience.  I offer a safe space to talk about concerns or worries that you might have about birth, the post partum period or early parenthood.
If you have experienced any trauma or loss, you might be finding it difficult to relax and feel ‘at home’ in your body. I will listen to your concerns and suggest ways to help you feel comfortable with your pregnancy and bump. 

Pregnancy related losses

After a womb related loss, women need care and deep rest to recuperate emotionally and physically.  Avoiding the sad reality of loss denies women the right to feel and heal. Loss can feel vulnerable but it is not a personal fault or failure. Women essentially need time to rest their body, receive empathy and  restore their energy. Sometimes, there is a pressure to conceive straight away or a worry that it cannot never can again.  Essentially time needs to be given to heal and move on .

I offer one to one sessions and group therapeutic programmes based on a relational trauma informed method.

Pregnancy Crisis

Having an abortion is a difficult decision that many women have to consider at some stage in their lives, often without very much time or support. An abortion can be a solution that brings relief to a highly stressful situation, but it can also be a sad decision, and a difficult  one to deal with. 
For women who seek independent, non- judgemental and non- denominational  counselling, I offer help as well as post abortion recovery support.


Sleepless nights, feeding responsibilities and intensive caring for a baby can place a great deal of strain on the body and mind. The new challenges facing women, men & couples can trigger relational conflict and bonding difficulties. Sometimes the pain of past traumatic events comes flooding back to interfere with the joys of parenthood.

I hold the space for women and couples to come either by themselves or with their baby. Therapy can help you understand what is happening, to recalibrate your nervous system, and give you strength to meet the new challenges of parenthood.  It gives you a voice to work through any concerns, worries and painful feelings, if you are a couple, it can help you understand what you are facing and work through any conflict happening between you.  We also look at stabilizing distressing symptoms (eg insomnia, burnout, anxiety).