Well woman yoga class

Sofya’s teaching style is an inspiration for my own teaching-so calm and graceful, generating a very special and nurturing environment. The classes help me to relax and deal with the stress and tiredness of work and children throughout the week. Lisa

“Sofya is very calm, encouraging and supportive in her approach and manner. The classes have helped to cheer me up and soothe me”. Fiona

Workshop: Living in Harmony with your Menstrual Cycle

"Safe female space, being able to look at menstruation in a new alternative and cross cultural way that was very meaningful, not at all airy fairy. Food was delicious"

"I really enjoyed the workshop, your accuracy in teaching and the great references and background you gave to support the topic. I think your presence and creativity especially during the yoga session was my favourite part, I felt deeply nurtured. Lunch was yummy"

"I valued the interaction between teacher and student the insight and reflection on our perception of the cycle and the kind and loving way to talk to us. Sofya showed a breadth of knowledge on the topic and that was  easily transmitted . The yoga and massage was great and I felt understood all the time. Lunch was delicious"

"I loved being with other women having my cycle explained in depth and highlighting things to consider. It was a valuable workshop and helped me respect my body and how my body changes and adapts weekly. Sofya’s teaching style is informed and passionate and she explains in great details, responding well to all questions and considerate of all attending. Food was really healthy."

Workshop: Creative Inner Woman

What I most valued and enjoyed was "time for myself. My yoga practice has become very rusty as I no longer attend classes due to hectic family life! I really enjoyed reconnecting with the feeling that yoga gives me, the deep relaxation where my mind seems to untangle itself effortlessly. It made me realise the importance of finding this time for myself"

"I was particularly surprised by how valuable i found the mandala making. I couldn't believe it when you said that we'd been working on them for over an hour! I had been feeling a bit vulnerable recently-my 40th birthday was making me dwell on the past, reminding me how quickly time passes and how precious that time is when the children are small. Rather than focusing on the positive things that come with the children growing up, the different activities that we can now enjoy together, I was resisting that change. mandalaWithout realising it, the mandala helped me to work through those emotions, giving them a more positive slant, concentrating on how grateful i am for those memories, but also excited about the new experiences ahead. I loved the way that you commented on the colours i had chosen as being party colours, something i had not thought of as i was creating it. When i look at my mandala i can see different interpretations depending on my mood and need. I learnt that it is possible to face up to and work through negative emotions in a passive way. Sometimes just telling yourself to snap out of it isn't enough, but if you give your mind a bit of space, it can sort itself out". Kath, July 2014


Happy family

Mum came to antenatal yoga classes, birth workshops with dad and to baby yoga and massage classes with both babies! The story continues...... Thank you Lindsay for a lovely photo of your beautiful family.





Antenatal yoga class

“ I have really enjoyed practicing yoga throughout my pregnancy. I enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation gained from a class. The breathing techniques are really useful tool to use for relaxation. The exercises are varied and stimulating. I feel stretched and supple after class….I have always had an interest in yoga but have never properly practiced it before. These classes have exceeded my expectations and benefited my pregnancy by helping me to relax and to exercise. I’m sure I will continue to practice and enjoy yoga postnatally-I’m a convert!” Kate

Many thanks Sofya for an enjoyable yoga class I’ve enjoyed it immensely and will miss coming. It has helped me with my breathing which I hope to make good use of during labour… if you are free on the 15 th of September you’d be welcome in the delivery room!!!” Andrea

Sofya is very approachable and reassuring. I've grown in confidence in my ability to relax - and I'm actually looking forward to labour. It's clear that you enjoy what you do and that you know what you're talking about. There's always a nice, calm atmosphere in the classes and I'm very impressed that you knew everyone's names early on!

I feel that antenatal yoga classes have been one of the most important parts of preparation towards my labour. I've re-learnt how to relax with yogic breathing and am glad that it's helped me remain active and strong through my pregnancy. I've used the breathing techniques - particularly the golden thread breath - during my pregnancy and particularly to relax me through Braxton Hicks contractions. I've found that doing exercises using the birthing ball at home has helped any lower backache - in fact, I noticed that this was relieved after my first lesson. I wanted to improve my breathing in preparation for a natural birth - something I feel strongly about. I do feel that this has been achieved and as well as this, I feel empowered to labour through the first stage of labour without pain relief. Time will tell whether I do or not - but it's a good feeling to be prepared! Yoga has definitely improved my experience of pregnancy. It's my first baby and as well as adding to an increased feeling of being 'in control' of my body, I also think it's helped me feel more confident.

I enjoy your wind-downs at the end of the classes - I leave feeling very chilled-out! Bouncing on the ball always brings a smile to my face! Anna Guina, 37 weeks pregnant.

Birth Preparation Workshop

What I valued and enjoyed more about the workshop were" the approachable and friendly nature of the trainer. The chance to experiment with relaxation and massage techniques together with my partner and ask questions.
I learnt how to help myself through labour and my partner learnt how to support me (and look after himself) through adopting different relaxation techniques, massage etc. these skills will be very useful for both of us through labour, and we have been using them and practicing in the weeks since the workshop.
I learnt how to breath through contractions which again was very useful and a technique I intend using during labour.
We both found it incredibly helpful and reassuring and really enjoyed the experience of working and learning together to help us both prepare. Thank you Sofya". Loveday

“I think this is almost completely due to attending your weekly yoga sessions and birth class (even wired up I was able to use some of the things and was determined not to lie back) so I would like to say a huge thank you.
While recuperating I felt rather proud that I had to keep telling the midwives there were no stiches to inspect and that I didn't need any post natal pain relief.
My husband says that your antenatal birth class was the most useful thing he did in preparation for the birth and what we learnt definitely helped during labour and he is also very grateful. I can second that after the baby turned back to back a really hard counter pressure massage was the best thing (although I think he ended up rather tired). “ Clare

‘I wanted to thank you for all your help with the breathing and exercises which really helped me to stay focused and in control.
I think that the birth workshop was really useful as it helped my partner to recognise when I was tensing up and to help me breathe through the contractions.’ Amanda

Baby yoga and massage classes

"I value most the great baby relaxation tips, massage knowledge, yoga positions and the benefits to baby. Enjoyment is seeing how the babies gain from the class and the quiet time is very enjoyable.
The class is a place to unwind and has been a great mental support to me. Enjoying a Wednesday morning with baby and other mums has been something I look forward to.
The class is very clear , supportive and easy to follow. Advice given always seems to be at the right time for baby.
I have really loved the place, walking in always makes me smile". Mum and Baby 2014

"We have thoroughly enjoyed our time. You respond well to the individual needs of the babies. Nice relaxation time at the end. Thank You."
Claire and Reuben

"Leon seemed to really relax in the classes. Sofya had ease and enthusiasm with all the babies. When I first came to the classes I was not very confident with Leon; baby yoga movements helped very much

The environment has a good atmosphere where it seems natural to be with my baby and have no pressures and constraints."
Jo and Leon