Being and becoming: harnessing the wisdom of the menstrual cycle

A yoga workshop that offers a conscious exploration of the cycle of life for health, peace and wellbeing.

Our modern perspective of the menstrual cycle and bleed is based on a reductionist view of the body; of mind conquering matter and nature objectified. What does this mean for women’s self esteem when the body is rendered less valuable or deemed at fault and flawed. What happens when the only options for menstrual well being are synthetic hormones, contraception or surgery? 

An Ayurvedic and traditional European understanding of the menstrual cycle, speaks about a creative, bio- energetic pattern that tallies with moon and earth rhythms to reveal a oness of being in multiple ways of becoming. The menstrual cycle represents the cycle of birth, decay, and re birth that essentially pertains to everyone: children, adults, animals, insects and fauna. Its visibility marks the wisdom to integrate polarities; heaven and earth, pain and bliss, vulnerability and joy. Its cyclical nature offers the way to mitigate against burn out and aggression by allowing for release, openess and loss. 

Menstruating women can access multiple attributes and resources through the month to support their health and well being. Non menstruating women and men can connect to the shifting textures of life to support a deeper listening of their bodymind needs.

What does this workshop offer?

This workshop aims to create space for a respectful, grounded, conscious exploration of the menstrual-life cycle through creative dialogue, yoga and story. 

It offers participants a process orientated learning experience and will focus on:

  • demonstrating the normality of flux and change in our bodymind throughout the lunar month and how the menstrual ‘seasons’ and feminine archetypes indicate variation in drives, aptitudes and energy.
  • Understanding how systemic stress interferes with the dynamic rhythm of female sex hormones (the interplay of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) and what this means for ovulation, PMT, difficult bleeds and the (peri)menopause. 
  • An awareness of how embodied listening helps support relevant responses in breath, space, movement and flow to recalibrate our nervous system. 
  • Making visible and challenging oppressive cultural- historical dynamics: the objectification of matter, the splitting of the feminine (light vs dark), the positioning of reason over emotion, the shaming of the bleed/female clitorial libido and the erosion of the menstrual cycle as a valid bio and spiritual rhythm.

Who is this workshop for?

  • This workshop is open to all women in all our complexity and reproductive diversity, including women who have had hysterectomies, non binary, trans and gender non conforming individuals. It would also be of interest to women who experience difficult menstruation, women wishing to conceive or transitioning from breast feeding, women coming off the pill, women coming into the peri menopause / menopause. Women seeking to reconnect to the cycle of life following any womb related loss.