One to One Somatic Movement and Yoga Therapy
Psychotherapeutic Counselling for individuals and couples, Cardiff

Yoga Therapy

These sessions are confidential and therapeutic. They are unlike yoga classes and are not exercise. Unfortunately, yoga has become commodified and stripped of its deeper psychological and somatic value.

Yoga is a body mind healing practice integral to the art & science of Ayurveda. My approach is informed by Ayurvedic bodywork and backed up by polyvagal informed movement therapy.Details

Perinatal Mental Health

 Antenatal support: I will listen to your concerns and suggest support techniques to help you feel grounded &  resourced to bond with your pregnancy and bump.

Womb related losses: I offer one to one therapy and group therapeutic programmes for women to gain strength and courage to grieve, heal and move forwards. Please contact me for more information.

Postnatal: Sleepless nights, feeding responsibilities and intensive caring for a baby can place a great deal of strain on the body and mind. The new challenges facing women, men & couples can trigger relational conflict and bonding difficulties. Sometimes the pain of past traumatic events comes flooding back to interfere with the joys of parenthood.

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One-to-one Psychotherapeutic Counselling

I offer a confidential and safe environment for you to openly explore any personal difficulties, challenges or needs for self- development. You will be treated with respect, without judgment and feel genuinely seen, heard and understood.  Counselling can provide help for anxiety, depression and stress as well as relationship, work or family conflict. Details