5 element therapeutic yoga, Cardiff

 What is it?

Living in harmony with the elements brings about good health and wellbeing. The art of Ayurveda teaches us how to move through the rhythms of life in an intelligent way. This builds our resilience, our energy, balances emotions, resolves tensions and helps us avoid extremes.  Sufi wisdom invites us to remember oneness of being in the flux and flow of life, to be present and compassionate in action, thoughts and words and to transform pains into strengths

What happens in each class?

There will be warm ups: shakes, jiggles and self -massage to stimulate circulation and energy. We will practice both dynamic and gentle standing and flowing movements.

You will learn about the value of your own body and how to listen to your needs. I will teach how to: ground (attending to earth) orientate (attending to space), balance (attending to air), integrate-(attending to fire) and release (attending to water).

Don’t worry if this is new to you, a beginners mind is fresh and welcome.The movements practiced have more in common with martial arts, Indian dance and Qi qong, forms than modern day asana. 

For more info about the limitations of asana, see my work on decolonising yoga

I am a socially conscious teacher, aware of diversity, access and inclusion issues. I teach in a way that avoids exotification, appropriation or spiritual bypassing. I value relationship and connection and will offer you my support, encouragement and guidance.


Rejuvenating the prana- chi body, the meridians and organs.

Helps reduce stress, tension, anxiety, depression, mood swings, undigested emotions and hormonal imbalances.

Helps support the nervous system and balance our hyper and hypo arousal states. 

Clears the head and senses from the load of every day stimulation. 

 Supports digestion and gentle detoxification. Steadies the mind.